FEB 24, 2023

Cursor clicks

Clicking on screen-shared content now shows a brief animation. It’s a concise way to guide a presenter through a series of actions.

On the other hand, presenter clicks do not show an animation: We found presenter click animations to be both distracting and redundant, because the underlying application responds to most clicks.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added support for Chrome v110+ with Open Locally .

  • Added support for Emoji 15 in macOS 13.3+.

  • Fixed an issue where people would appear to be offline or in the wrong room or call.

  • Fixed an issue where presenter cursors would show in the wrong location.

  • Fixed an issue where the Remotion app icon would stay in the macOS dock after leaving a call, even if “Always show in Apple Dock” wasn’t enabled in Settings.

  • Fixed an issue where viewer cursors were shared even when their Remotion windows weren’t focused.

  • Fixed the ‘Align Windows with Dock’ feature. (Only available to teams that initially signed up for Remotion 2.0.)

  • Improved Open Locally help messages.

  • Reduced the size of from 362 MB to 241 MB.

  • Reduced the size of the download from 165 MB to 102 MB.

  • Reduced the memory usage of drawing, especially in calls with many people.

  • Reduced the memory usage of the image cache.

  • Updated colors used for shared cursors to be WCAG accessibility compliant.

  • Updated mentions of “Preferences” to “Settings” to fit in with macOS 13 Ventura.

FEB 16, 2023

See when people are in the live editor

3 people editing
3 people editing
3 people editing

The live editor is a quick way to get on the same page with shared code or notes. Now, when someone opens it, it opens for everyone else. Also, the button to access it indicates how many people are editing.

FEB 16, 2023

New app icon

Remotion app icon
Remotion app icon
Remotion app icon

New year, new look. We updated our app icon to be more consistent with our new brand. Should feel right at home in your dock. (And off to the right of the image, a sneak peek of our new development app icon, which we themed with a TestFlight / Xcode aesthetic.)

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug opening docs in the Notion app.

  • Fixed a crash when missing calls.

  • Fixed a crash when searching with emoji in launcher.

  • Pruned a number of Remotion 2.0 selfie features including Live Selfies, emojis and special backgrounds. Bittersweet.

  • Updated shared cursor heuristics to reduce accidental or fleeting shares.

FEB 14, 2023



Drawing is a great way to call attention to a specific area, lightly diagram an idea, or inject some fun into a conversation. Just like with cursor sharing, we’ve made drawing immediate and casual: Click and drag to draw on screen-shared content. A few seconds later, the annotation will fade away to make room for wherever the conversation’s going next.

FEB 08, 2023

Cursor sharing

Cursor sharing
Cursor sharing
Cursor sharing

We asked you to describe the most recent time you debugged something together. Then we asked what you would have done differently if you were sitting side by side. “I would have pointed with my finger.” Now you can point with your cursor.

Remote collaboration is a thousand cuts of friction. It’s littered with moments where we could open another tool or flip a switch to be a little clearer, but find each moment too brief to act on. Instead, we shrug each off and accept the slowness, siloing and miscommunication.

With Remotion we’re trying to solve each of these moments, be they big or small. That’s why everyone’s cursors are shared by default.

FEB 08, 2023

Open screen shared files in Xcode, VSCode, and more

Opening a file locally
Opening a file locally
Opening a file locally

Following along as someone scrolls through code in an IDE is fine, but it’s often helpful to pull up a local copy in parallel. Now, when someone is screen sharing files in Xcode, VSCode, Sublime Text, and other document-based editors, viewers will have an option to open their local copy of that file in their own IDE.

Just be sure to select “Enable link sharing for supported apps” when selecting what to screen share. We’re happy to look into adding support for other editors too—just let us know.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a button in preferences to bring you to this changelog. How meta.

  • Added timestamped event markers in chat for when people join or leave calls and when people toggle screen sharing.

  • Added more accurate error messages when failing to join a call.

  • Added support for screen sharing windows that are visible in a different space.

  • Fixed a bug affecting users on macOS 11 where the companion view controls disappeared.

  • Fixed a bug in preferences where some options would be hidden.

  • Fixed a bug in the launcher where the badge showing what room a user is in would disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where the close and minimize buttons in the companion view were clickable despite being invisible.

  • Joined the new year by updating the copyright in the preferences window.

  • Polished buttons and badges across the app.

  • Prevent a rare crash where we try to go back in time by delaying a task by a negative number.

  • Fixed a bug copmanion mode

JAN 31, 2023

Open screen shared content locally

Screen sharing is a good start to getting on the same page. But we’re building Remotion for calls (and teams) where everyone is active—not just passively following along. The call is more efficient and engaging when viewers can browse or act on shared content independently.

When a screen sharer enables Open Locally, viewers get a button to open the shared content on their own computer. This first release supports all browser URLs in Safari and Chrome. It also supports Linear issues, Figma docs and Notion docs that are open in their respective Electron apps.

JAN 31, 2023

Live editor

The Live Editor is an experimental feature for working on meaningful chunks of text together, such as code snippets or notes. Text is synchronized in real time between everyone in the call, and the contents are emailed to you when you leave the call.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a minimize button to the Companion View.

  • Added a Launcher action to invite someone in a different room to the current room.

  • Disabled global keyboard shortcuts that move companion mode.

  • Fixed issues that could cause the call UI to disappear.

  • Fixed line wrapping for long names in call invites.

  • Removed a feature that automatically replaced default profile pictures with users’ macOS profile picture.

  • Simplified preferences for camera and microphone turning on when joining a call. The default is now camera off, microphone on. Users can override these preferences for themselves.

  • Updated some button styles to be more consistent across the app

JAN 24, 2023

Zoom infrastructure

Crisp, reliable calls are core to getting work done. Now, at the expense of slightly longer call starts, Remotion calls run on Zoom’s world-class infrastructure.

JAN 24, 2023

Companion view

Remotion calls frequently run alongside other apps we’re working in. Although the call UI was small, it still at times occluded valuable information or controls. Now, calls open by default to a Companion View that literally gets out of your way when you need to access something behind it.

JAN 24, 2023

Meeting view

For those times you just want to see everyone and everything in big.

JAN 24, 2023

Text chat

Share links with previews, or comment without unmuting.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a close button to the Dock. Removed the “Mini Dock.”

  • Call invites now remain visible across Spaces.

  • Declining a call invite no longer changes Availability.

  • Fixed crashes.

  • Fixed memory leaks.

  • Fixed the Launcher appearing partially off-screen.

  • Improved CPU usage by moving video rendering to Metal.

  • Improved CPU usage in large calls by lowering video resolutions dynamically.

  • Remotion is now excluded from screen-shared content

  • Screen-shared content is now surrounded by a border to confirm it’s shared.

  • Simplified the onboarding flow.

  • Simplified the teammate invite window.

  • The screen share picker now updates to reflect changes in open windows

  • Typing “online” or “here” into Launcher now shows who is currently online.